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Bad Web Design

Because not everyone uses Internet Explorer for Windows

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This community is dedicated to exposing some of the worst design out there on the web.

You’ve probably come across at least one site whose design was so appalling you couldn’t navigate it, so ugly that you couldn’t look at it for more than a few minutes without going blind, or so badly coded that your browser couldn’t properly parse it. Well, this community is for the purpose of bringing some attention to those sites— not to insult the designers, but rather to provide some constructive (if somewhat sarcastic) criticism so that people have a better idea of what not to do.

It’s a bit like Web Pages That Suck, in other words.

Looking for a community dedicated to bad design in the real world? Check out burningeyeballs. I have nothing to do with the community other than being a mere member, but I definitely recommend it for like-minded people.

Oh, and it should be stressed, for anyone who's thinking of joining this community to post: the intent of this community is NOT for critiques of posters' personal web sites. There are plenty of other communities for that, which you can find via the very same interest searches that brought you here. If you're going to post here asking us to critique your own site, expect some snarky and even scathing criticism from the members here. Of course, the level of sarcasm will be inversely proportional to the quality of your web site, so there's a chance we might actually welcome you into our midst. But if your site is an inaccessible, Flash-laden pile of manure that takes hours to load over a dial-up connection, offers no "skip intro" option, contains tons of misspellings, and has a layout that looks more cluttered than my university apartment, don't expect to get away scot-free. :)

This community is maintained by codeman38, a Mozilla evangelist and accessibility geek, among many other things.

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