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I get "Install missing plugins." Those would be sunglasses, I suppose?
That, or perhaps a tinfoil hat to go along with the site's multitude of conspiracy theories.
Gosh, I didn't manage to read any of it! Amazed it didn't set off the reactalites in my specs! ;D
Whoa, it looks like the person was trying to clutter it up!
Yeah, seriously.

At first I kind of wondered if it was some kind of satire of Internet wackjobs, but it seems to be a legit site.
Oh, I've got words, starting with "wow, taking forever to load" and ending sometime after "WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS?" and "wow, I had no idea you could export mind-mapping boards like that."

Horizontal scroll FTW.
It's like he meticulously reconstructed the cork board taking up one wall of his studio apartment on the Internet.
That made me giggle.
And I bet this version smells a lot better, too.
LOL. It took several minutes to load for me using my school's T3 connection.
My Firefox crashes about half way through loading it. I think it's trying to protect me. |:
Probably. It's that bad.

But that means your Firefox martyred itself for you. I wish my Opera browser was that nice.