Binary Decision Maker (moopet) wrote in badwebdesign,
Binary Decision Maker

Seed Magazine

I'm slightly confused by this one. gets a lot of things right. But how long does it take to notice that there's a navigation column on the left? In honest-to-god #ccc on #fff text. With the vertical viewing angle on my monitor I can't even see it unless I'm at eye level.

The most baffling part though - and I hope someone else can shed light on this - is the banner ad at the top. When I wanted to check how the site displayed in another browser, I was surprised to find that then that banner is adblocked, suddenly it becomes a whole world of navigation previously unseen. I don't understand.

Anyway, the colour problem was mainly why I wanted to bring it up. I was going to contact them to make the suggestion that they should change to a friendlier colour scheme, but none of their contact email addresses are suitable. Probably on purpose.
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